Crystal Mount Procedure

5ml Biomeda Crystal Mount
15ml 70% Ethyl Alcohol

20ml Working Crystal Mount

 Crystal mount is designed to form a thin, transparent, impervious barrier over the stained tissue section. Once the crystal mount has dried the slide can be viewed directly under the microscope or a coverslip can be applied using any synthetic mounting medium. Crystal mount is suitable for mountingimmunohistochemical stains using FAST RED or AEC chromogens.

  1. Remove one slide at a time from the staining jar, drain excess water and apply enough diluted crystal mount to cover the tissue section (1-3 drops).
  2. Place the slide on a steel tray and place in 80C oven for 10 min.
  3. Once the slides have dried (approximately 5 min.)
  4. Dip slides in xylene and coverslip with permount.