Angiogenesis in premalignant disease

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Angiogenesis in malignant disease

Below is an example of a mammary adenocarcinoma that has been stained with CD31 (PECAM) to identify blood vessels.

Original lesion

Lesion epithelium circumscribed in green with a 50 µm border extending out from the periphery.

J: Extra-tumoral blood vessels are indicated in yellow
while intra-tumoral vessels, i.e. those within the green region are marked in fuschia.


K: Stromal invagination with intratumoral vessels marked in fuschia. The black line indicates the seaparation point between intra- and extra-tumoral.


L: Increased collagan deposition with multiple foci of lesion epithelium. Black lines indicate seaparation point between intra- and extra-tumoral.


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